Hudak’s Carpet to Your Door is a professional and premiere Baltimore Carpet Stores on wheels based in Maryland and surrounding areas. We are ever ready to help you achieve your set objectives. We offer a variety of services for homes and also accommodate wide range of customers. If you need a carpet for a single staircase, a small or large room, an area of a residential or commercial complex or carpet event, Hudak’s Carpet to Your Door is suitable for the job. We travel statewide to meet the needs of our customers.

Today, Hudak’s Carpet to Your Door Company is one of the most prestigious local carpet dealers. We use our buying power and strong relationships with leading carpet manufacturers to offer the best value and the latest fashions in carpet. From our professionally trained and experienced sales staff to our skillful installation team, we work hard to earn your undoubted trust.  We must deliver to your expectations and help you choose the right carpet for your floor.


Why Use Carpet?


Carpet adds warmth and comfort to the bedroom, dining room and other areas of the house. There is a warm and comfortable feeling under your feet for you to step in and enjoy. It feels more pleasant stepping on a carpet than stepping on the cold floors.


Carpets insulate against the cold on cold winter nights. This is true if you have very cold porcelain floors or tiles. Carpets give you the warmth you need in the room to go through cold winter nights without freezing your feet when walking barefoot.


Carpet prevents any member of your household from falling on a slippery floor. Most carpets have non-slip surfaces, which can prevent unnecessary falls. If you have kids or elderly persons in your home, their lives are very important. Carpet creates friction between the feet thereby preventing fall.

Fresh Air

Carpet creates fresher air in the house. Contrary to the belief that the carpet collects dust and dirt, carpets help produce cleaner air for all to enjoy.

Investing in a carpet for home can be a very good decision ensuring fulfilled and comfortable reward ahead.


Your carpet will always maintain its charming look and feel if you follow the below three simple steps:

  • Always vacuum clean
  • Always clean spills
  • Get your carpet cleaned every 12 months by a professional and experienced carpet cleaning company

Why Choose Us

With a free quote at Hudak’s Carpet to Your Door Company, you can be sure that our estimate will be accurate and up to date. Our staffs are fully trained. We offer professional and expatriate services and we are willing to answer any question you have concerning our carpet service and installation process. So contact us today to get your free quote for your Baltimore Carpet Stores!