Hudak’s Carpet provides the very best Baltimore Md hardwood floors in Maryland area and surrounding areas. Hardwood floors provide natural warmth and classic style to any home, but not all rooms are traditional wooden floors. That’s where the beauty of the wood materials comes in. The performances of these systems make it possible to install in any area in your home, including bathroom and cellar.

Superior stability makes hardwood floors resistance to temperature and humidity. The advantage for homeowners is that this type of flooring can be installed anywhere, including wet-prone areas like basement, where you never expected to see a wooden floor.
The beautiful timeless style wooden floor captures the beauty of nature and increases the value and character of your home immediately. The rich tones and elegant in smooth surfaces or one-of-a-kind, hand scraped planks give an undeniable charm to your home.


Why hardwood floor?

Safe and Clean

Hardwood doesn’t conceal harmful particles. To that effect, making use of hardwood floor is safer and encourages healthy life. In general, hardwood floors cost more than carpet, but it requires less maintenance, last longer and can be “fixed” (not replaced).

Low Maintenance

Comparatively, hardwood floors only require minimal maintenance both in terms of effort and equipment. Hardwood floors are much more resistant to spills and stains. However, the wood floor can often easily be sanded, smoothed and refinished. It is rarely essential to replace a wooden floor.


Wood is a natural resource that can be reforested which makes it the ecological choice. The fastest growing types of wood flooring materials such as bamboo (which is actually grass) make it a more plausible reality.

Unsurpassed Beauty and Value

Hardwood is one of the oldest flooring materials out there, and it never gets old. Due to the wide variety of trees and forests, a world of colors, designs, textures, grains and patterns are available.

While some new home owners remove carpets before buying a house, seeing it as an additional cost. Hardwood floor certainly increase the value of a house.

So while hardwood floors can be more expensive initially, with proper care, it can be a good investment for life.

Why Us?

At Hudak’s Carpet to Your Door in Baltimore, Maryland, our unique, amazing technology for wooden floors finished with advanced repel technology ensures years of surface warranty, protected against wear and tear.

As a system of durable industrial floor coating Hudak’s offers professional hardwood services. We are the undisputed leader in the stain and abrasion protection. Because of beauty of nature in your home, your hard wooden floors stay new longer.

So what is stopping you from contacting us to get your free quote! Call 410 790-9310