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Today, Hudak’s Carpet to Your Door Company is one of the most prestigious national carpet dealers. We use our buying power and strong relationships with leading carpet manufacturers to offer the best value and the latest fashions in carpet. From our professionally trained and experienced sales staff to our skillful installation team, we work hard to earn your undoubted trust.  We must deliver to your expectations and help you choose the right carpet for your floor.


Vinyl Flooring Provides Design Options
One of the biggest advantages of vinyl flooring is the huge amount of design options you get. Vinyl floors are available in almost every color and pattern you can imagine. You can choose from a number of solid colors including those that look like other types of flooring which are natural stone, wood and colored tiles. It is available in different textures from fine and smooth texture to beautiful pebbled textures. Vinyl flooring can be laid in sheets and tiles. You can also apply non slippery surfaces for safety reasons.

It is Durable and Resilient
Another advantage of using vinyl flooring is its durability. When laid properly, it will last for many years with very little maintenance on your part. The vinyl flooring is also a resilient flooring system. The word resilient here means that it is softer underfoot, so it is more comfortable to stand on. The resilience of vinyl also means that it’s preferred to most other hard floor surfaces.

It is Hygienic and Easy to Clean
One of the most popular reasons people prefer vinyl flooring to other forms of flooring is its hygienic nature and how easy it is to clean. Vinyl flooring is high in water resistant and has no seams, so there is no place for bacteria to hide and multiply. The seams are sealed so that bacteria cannot penetrate. It is also very easy to clean. You can actually use disinfectants and other disinfection chemicals to clean it without risk of damage. This means that your floors are very hygienic, even asthmatic patients and allergy suffers wouldn’t have to worry. Also worthy to mention, you can allow your kids to play and crawl on vinyl floors, without fear of germs.

The vinyl flooring is Economical
Another great advantage of vinyl flooring is how cheap it is. Per square meter is much cheaper to buy and install than many other types flooring systems. Also, because it is durable and long lasting, it will save you a lot of money for replacement.

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